New India Assurance Global Operations

New India Assurance is the largest non-life insurer in India and one of the biggest in Afro-Asia.

Founded by the renowned house of Tata’s in 1919 and headquartered since then at Mumbai, India, the 100-year old pioneer operates today in 26 countries across the world writing a variety of direct and reinsurance business ranging from bicycles to spacecraft and farmers’ cottages to petrochemical industries and hydroelectric projects.

In India, the company is a pioneer and trendsetter having a market share of 14.75% as at 31.03.2022

With over 13,000 employees globally, we serve more than 12 million customers worldwide through a network of over 2,200 offices spread across 26 countries, and over five continents.

We pride ourselves on always being responsive to the dynamics of the market, and have formed lasting relationships with thousands of clients, brokers and intermediaries, establishing our identity as a dependable security and service provider.